Safety Tips for Seniors

Safety First 3d textThese important safety tips will help you avoid accidents and injuries:
• Use night-lights throughout your house and keep a lamp near your bed that you can turn on before getting up.
• Beware of falling objects. Store heavy items at waist level for easier handling.
• Use a nonsolid rubber mat in your bathtub or shower and have a grab bar installed.
• Carry a cell phone for emergencies.
• Remove any phone or electrical cords that cross areas where you might walk.
• Light up dark rooms and stairs.
• Set your water heater to ‘’low’’ (below 120 F) so you will not accidentally scald yourself.
• Keep household cleaners and other chemicals in a safe place.
• Keep medications in properly marked containers. Read labels regularly to confirm proper dosage.
• Make sure rooms stay neat and uncluttered. Clean up any spills immediately to avoid falls.
• Beware of telephone fraud targeting seniors – do not give anyone your credit card or bank account number over the phone unless you have initiated the call.
• Keep emergency phone numbers by the telephone or put them on your speed dial.
• Make sure your address is marked outside your home in large clear numbers and that the area is well lit to direct emergency assistance.
• If you live alone, set up a telephone “check-in” routine with family or friends.

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